REVIX Neck Ice Pack with Strap, Cold Compression Ice Wrap for Neck Pain Relief



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Active Area: 14.9 x 9.4''; 1.74 Pounds

Patented Design Neck Ice Pack
REVIX cold pack design with a plush cover avoids cold damage to skin and eliminates condensation water dripping from cooling. Perfectly shape contours the neck and helps muscles recover after strenuous activity, injury, or surgical procedure.

Long-Lasting & Flexible
This ice neck wrap for injuries stays smooth and pliable when frozen, fills with 30% more gel ensures to provide for a good length of cold therapy time. Neck cooling wrap gels are distributed evenly for comprehensive full neck treatment.

Handsfree Application
neck cooler wrap with two handles for adding cold compression while reposition over the neck to support daily routines. The gel ice pack offers to maximize comfort and alleviate sore muscle pain and targeted relief for each body part pain.

The reusable ice pack is sturdy well made with double-sealed edge to prevent leaks for maximum reusability. This ice packs for injuries with a reusable bag included for store it in freezer for immediate use. Great for muscle spasms, neck discomfort and sports injuries.