REVIX Full Leg Ice Pack For Hip Replacement, Cold Compress Therapy After Surgery

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Ice Pack Active Area: Thigh : 14.37", Calf : 11.81";
Weight: 3.7 Pounds

Maximum Pain Relief
This reusable leg ice pack is newly designed with a soft plush side, gentle on the skin, and avoids condensation water. Leg ice pack wrap can go over a large surface area and bend nicely to multiple areas offering effective cold therapy for sore muscles, sprains, and reducing arthritis pain, and inflammation.

This ice pack for hip replacement with a lower ice point (-13℉) maintains flexibility and moldability after being frozen. 30% more gel than a general ice pack, holds temperatures longer for pain relief around the hip and leg.

Three straps ensure the leg ice pack secured on the leg for a full range of movement. Contours comfortable fit around the hip bone and joint to effective soothe aches and pain. Sectional construction design ensures the gel evenly distributes offering a better pain relief effect.

Cold Compress Large Ice Pack
Combines of double sealed and seamed edges with extra-thick nylon cover are reliable for reuse and gel leakage proof. Store the ice pack for pain relief in the freezer with the plastic bag included so that it is ready to use.

Certified Safe and Fully Guaranteed
All REVIX ice packs are made of high-tech medical-grade material. IDEAL GIFTS for after surgery, shin splint and hip replacement. Moreover, REVIX customer support team provides after-sales support and services to customers worldwide.