REVIX Calf and Shin Ice Packs for Shin Splints Reusable Leg Cold Pack Wraps



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Active Area: 18" x 9.4"; 1.76 Pounds

Expand Cover Ice Pack for Arm and Leg
Each cold pack has an effective area of 18" x 9.4" to provide full coverage around arm and shin, giving immediate, fitted relief for post work out, post-injury, and to help bring down the swelling. The design of the shin compression cover could be used in both elbow and knee, fits both male and female customers. (weight about 1.4 lbs)

Flexible Fit and Useful Leg Ice Pack Wrap
The product cover is made from durable material- neoprene, inside the lining REVIX uses the non-slip cloth to prevent slippery when being used. The reversible design fits for both the left and right calf and elbow. The neoprene wrap firmly secured the gel ice pack in place and helps to speed up the recovery process more than other regular cold-wraps.

Effective Cold Compression Therapy
The leg ice pack has multiple layers filled with a non-toxic gel that can release long-lasting coldness for a longer time period and it does not accumulate melting water while being used. This ice pack wrap stays pliable when frozen, feel free to store in the freezer with the plastic bag included so it is ready to use. Apply the calf ice pack immediately after an injury to alleviate pain.

Ergonomically design and Reusable
Convenient to apply the cold pack while in the morning while getting ready for work, and in the evening while relaxing, or making dinner, or walking the dog. The freeze sleeve will not interfere with normal activities and weighs about 1.4 lbs. The shin splints leg pain relief support and stabilize injuries or vulnerable areas, it's a snug fit that keeps it in place, stays cold, that is ultra-flexible.

Certified safe and fully guaranteed with 12 months warranty
REVIX ice packs for injuries reusable and cold compress are made of high tech medical grade material. REVIX customer support team provides after-sales support and services to customers worldwide. We offer unconditionally return purchase. Please messages us your concerns, we will be in contact with you soon with satisfactory solutions. An appropriate and impressive gift for yourself and your family members and friends.