REVIX Full Body Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Super Large Gel Ice Pack for Entire Back Pain



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Full Coverage Design for Pain Relief-Large gel ice packs for physical therapy size 47x17.5''cover multiple parts of the body at the same time for cold therapy, especially for whole back. Large ice pack features two sides of fabric design, one side covers with plush to help adapt to the cold and avoid frostbite, the other nylon side provides a deep penetrating effect of intense cold therapy.

A Lifesaver for Postoperative Recovery-The cold packs wrap around your body by placing it on your back, sitting on it or lying on it. Recommeded by physical therapists for muscle recovery from the neck to the ankle. The body ice pack relieves sprains, chronic back pain, muscle pain, arthritis, sciatica relief, coccyx and disk pain relief, and perfect for post surgery swelling.

Long-lasting Coldness for Cancer Patients Daily Use-REVIX extra large ice pack is filled with lower ice point gel(-13℉)which can stay flexible and bendable when frozen, and filled with 30% more gel than others to stay cold up to twice as long for better pain relief. Cold therapy body wrap helps with fever, effectively reduce inflammation after chemotherapy and radiation, no more suffering.

Reusable & Fabulous Quality- The reusable ice packs with soft wide-sealed edges to avoid skin scratch. Ultra-thick nylon covers are reliable and reusable without worrying about gel leaks. Meanwhile, REVIX large ice pack is an unquestionable and convenient alternative to ice baths at an affordable price, great for daily use in hot weather to achieve cold compression therapy at home.

Certified Safe and Fully Guaranteed- REVIX ice pack for full body is made of premium material. Thanks to the unique style, fine detail, and craftsmanship, our full body ice pack will be a great gift for your loved ones. Moreover, REVIX customer support team provide after sale support and service to customer worldwide.