REVIX Ice Pack for Back Pain Relief, Reusable Gel Cold Packs, Reusable ice pack for Lower Back, Shoulders, Knee, Hip, and Arm 2 Packs


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More Gel for Longer Lasting - This back ice pack for lower back pain is refills 30% gel more than the traditional gel ice pack for back, ensuring the cold pack is colder and longer lasting. A lower freezing point of -13℉ makes the back ice pack wrap still flexible after freezing, with good ductility, and will not be stiff.

Double Sides Cold Therapy - This ice packs for lower back with reversible design. Soft plush inner provide comfortable cold therapy and avoid frostbite, while durable nylon outer provide strong and intensive cold therapy, make it quickly and effectively alleviate various types of pain. It is recommended to use the soft plush side of the back gel ice packs first, until you gradually adapt to the cold before switching to the nylon side to experience stronger therapeutic effects.

With Straps to Free your Hands - The REVIX back ice packs for injuries design with straps is more convenient compared to those cold packs for lower back without straps. Under the pressure of the straps, the soft ice packs for back always tightly wraps around the skin, so there's no need to worry about the lower back ice packs reusable falling down when you move around, and free your hands to do anything.

Target for Different Body Area - These reusable ice packs for back can also be used for lower back, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and other parts of the body, effectively relieving swelling, pain caused by surgery, or soreness and strain caused by exercise, and these flexible ice packs for lower back are necessary emergency cold therapy for families and clinical use.

Durable and Convenience - High-quality surface material and double-sealing design ensure the ice packs for back pain durable and avoid leakage. This combo pack comes with two lower back ice packs, so that you can also have one in the freezer while using it, effectively shortening the freezing time and ensuring that you can use our back cold packs for injuries at any time.