REVIX Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable, 5 Pack Hot and Cold Gel Ice Pack Set for Pain Relief

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Bendable and Long-Lasting Ice Pack: REVIX reusable ice pack wrap are filled with more gel than others, ensuring the ice pack gel stays cold and flexible for a long time. With -13℉ lowest freezing point gel, make the long lasting ice packs still soft and bendable even frozen, in case you are using them for knee, ankle, elbow, or joint pain. Soft and smooth edge sealing prevents the gel from leakage and skin scratches.

Double Covers for Cold and Colder Aplication: These flexible ice packs are designed with double covers, and provide you with different levels of cold therapy. The soft plush lining helps gradually adapt to the cold and prevents frostbite, without an extra towel. The nylon outer provides intensive and strong coldness to accelerate pain relief. You can switch to different covers as needed.

Hands-Free and Stays in Place: This combo pack including a washable fabric cover with a long elastic strap to hold the ice wrap, makes the ice pack bag possible to wrap around the arm or back or shoulder or waist, and secure in place. One can be strapped to the targeted area and the other can be used when sitting on, leaning against, resting on or you can have one ice wrap in the freezer waiting while using the other.

Hot & Cold Therapy are Available: These cold packs for injuries freeze quickly in the freezer and heat up very fast in microwave, provide you with hot and cold therapy at any time. The wash fabric cover that you slide the soft ice pack into gives a level of protection against too much cold or heat. The option of 5 hot and cold pack for pain relief so you can enjoy heating and icing therapy together as needed.

Different Size for Versatile Use: This family pack comes with 5 ice gel packs for injury reusable. Different shapes and sizes of these gel cold pack have proven to be just right for all family members. Whether you are suffering from migraines, toothache, bulging disc, shoulder surgery, or low back pain, these hot cold pack can help you reduce the pain effectively. Moreover, a selection of different sizes makes it great for using these on the go.