REVIX Kids Ice Packs for Boo Boos, 5 Gel Cold Packs for Injuries Reusable Toddler Ice Pack with Straps for Fever, Swelling, Bruise and Pain Relief


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Safely Use for Kids- REVIX kids ice packs are made of polyester fabric, superior heat, and wear-resistant material to stay durable. Premium cloth covers prevent burns and frostbite for comfortable relief up to 20 minutes. Boo boo ice packs for kids perform with five different dinosaurs, shapes lively and colorful for both girls and boys.

Cute Child-Friendly Design- Kid ice packs for injuries reusable are designed for children to easily handheld. Extra two long adjustable elastic straps secure the ice pads on the injured part without worrying about losing it.

Brings Quick Relief- Boo boo ice pack is the perfect relief for a little bump, minor cuts, and burns, and used as a baby fever cooling pad or toothache, apply ice to the injured area to reduce pain, and inflammation and help to prevent long-term damage. Effectively helps with muscle aches and stiffness, bruises, and other growing pains.

Portable Hot & Cold Therapy- REVIX ice packs for kids are filled with a unique gel that can be used as cold or hot packs, which you can store in the freezer or heat in the microwave freely. The design makes these toddler ice packs compact and portable for outdoor insect bites.

Certified Safe and Fully Guaranteed- REVIX kids ice pack is made of premium material. Thanks to the unique style, fine detail, and craftsmanship, our reusable ice packs for kids will be a great gift for your children and loved ones. Moreover, REVIX customer support team provide after-sale support and service to customer worldwide.