REVIX XL Neck Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable Gel Neck Ice Wrap for Pain Relief


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Neck Contoured Design Large Size- This ice pack for neck features a large size 25.66" x 9.84"x 5.31" compared with other ice pack size of 24.4" x 8.6" x 5.1", it can cover the neck significant areas perfectly. Contoured neck wrap extends down over your shoulder muscles, and truly helps with office neck pain relief, muscle spasms, sprains, and inflammation, and reduces swelling related to sports injuries or surgery.

More Evenly Gel & Long Lasting Effective Relief- Neck and shoulder ice pack filled with lower freezing point(-13℉) gel stays smooth and pliable when frozen. Ice neck wrap design with dividing lines to avoid gel gathering. Stay cold longer for better relief pain around muscles. Great for cervical surgery recovery, chronic neck pain, and pinched nerve.

Smooth and Comfortable Double Sides Design- Reusable ice packs neck has two kinds of fabrics, which give two different cold therapy experiences. Large ice pack neck with a soft plush inner to help adapt to the cold and prevent frostbite. Then switch to the nylon side to enjoy a deep penetrating effect. Provides an effective cooling transfer to the skin and soothing for neck pain.

Versatility & Dual Usability- This hot and cold pack for neck is great to have on hand for a variety of body parts. Put it in the freezer for cold therapy or heat it up in the microwave for hot therapy. Gel ice packs flexibility allows you to position it exactly how you need it. Better relieve back, leg, knee, and ankle pain, soreness of muscles, joints, arthritis, and tissues.

Durability and Quality Assured- Cervical ice packs for injuries reusable are made of premium material and fine craft details. Extra thick nylon exterior with double sewing, soft and smooth edge to prevent gel leakage and skin scratch. Neck ice packs reusable and remain flexible even when frozen, making it easy to wrap around affected areas.